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Articles on this website are best viewed using Internet Explorer.  Use of other browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox) may cause you to view distorted formatting of the articles.  However, PDF versions of each article can be accessed by clicking on "PRINT" (shown just above each article's title).  The PDF version allows for better viewing and printing, but the PDF version lacks the hyperlinks that are contained within each non-PDF article.
PRINTING:  Click on "PRINT" just above the article's title, which provides a PDF version. 
All Bible quotes are from The New King James Version, unless otherwise noted. 
This site is not an official Living Church of God web site.  The webmaster is not, nor ever has been, employed by the Living Church of God---nor by any other Church.


(Every effort has been made to give proper credit to other authors whose writings have been helpful in preparation of the articles on this website.  However, if oversight has led to omission of proper credit being given, please contact the webmaster by e-mail, and any such omission will be gladly corrected.)